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Greetings! We’re Mike and Erin, TALL + small, respectively. We’re based in Bloomington, Indiana but are packed and ready to travel: especially back to our old stomping grounds in Virginia! We bring a team approach to event coverage and portraiture sessions that few other pairs can match. At 6’5″ (according to him) and at 5’0″ (according to her), we are able to capture moments that you, a normal-sized person, could hardly imagine.

For family and wedding documentaries, we want to make your moments last by creating photographs that are timeless and artistic with a dash of zaniness. For promotional materials and portraits, we will help make you appear slightly cooler than you already are. Check things out, and, if you’d like: Hit us up (or down)!

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Jess + Jon | Wedding | Indianapolis, IN

Jess + Jon had an absolutely lovely wedding at Laurel Hall in Indianapolis. Jess had her hair done by Lauren at Bobby Cooper, makeup by Andi from Something Blue, flowers from Posh Petals, and hand lettering on placecards (which was awesome) by Erin Barrett from For the Love of Letters. Theresa Trammel played the harp beautifully while Tucker Woerner led a jazz quartet from Butler U’s school of music. Catering was by Hoaglin’s which included some really rad mini burgers and milkshakes at the end of the night! These two had a blast, were so laid back, and had a really sweet and friendly crew to celebrate with them. Speaking of, family + friends can check out the rest in the client galleryCongrats, you two!

Gorgeous, travel-themed Laurel Hall wedding
Fun photo of bride in downtown Indy in front of bold mural
Funny photos of bride and bridesmaid getting ready at Nestle Inn in Indianapolis, IN
Beautiful florals and wedding details of travel themed wedding at Laurel Hall
Bride and groom pre-ceremony photos at Laurel Hall wedding
Cute flower girls at spring Laurel Hall wedding in Indianapolis, Indiana
Beautiful outdoor ceremony at Laurel Hall wedding in Indiana
Beautiful spring outdoor wedding ceremony at Laurel Hall in Indianapolis
cute baby wedding guests at Laurel Hall wedding in Indy
Sunny, bright, timeless portraits of bride and groom at Laurel Hall wedding in Indiana
Fun times and big smiles on the dance floor at Laurel Hall wedding in Indianapolis
Hot pink shoes, funny cake photobomb, and great Elvis change purse at Indy wedding
Creative and dramatic nighttime portrait at Laurel Hall wedding in Indianapolis

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Tim Kamppinen - Cool lighting on that last one!

Mercedes - Beautiful couple! Really fun story telling. Nice job, you guys!

Lyn Ismael-Bennett - Those portraits in the woods are just lovely!

Janet Palmer - Looks like a fun wedding!
The portraits by the trees are gorgeous

Luis Godinez - Love all the little joyous moments throughout the wedding. Looks like such a fun couple. Beautiful images.

2013 Favs

We like our job. It is because of you. Sincere thanks to those of you who have trusted us with documenting your important events and to our family and friends who have been so kind. Here are some of our favorite memories of the year. For our favorite photobooth moments, click HERE! There were…


Stunning mountain views (with glider!) at Wintergreen Resort summer wedding by Tall + Small Photo
Fun and colorful graffiti at downtown Richmond, Virginia engagement shoot
Romantic photos under the trees! Outdoor engagement and wedding portraits.
Gorgeous, coloful sunset with palm trees from our South Carolina travels.
Gorgeous local murals as engagement photo backdrops in downtown Bloomington and Indy.
Beautiful, romantic outdoor portraits of bride and groom at Purgatory Golf Club in Indiana
Fun, quirky bride and groom portrait with biker going by on the B-line in Bloomington!
Airplane and sunglasses! Fun engagement at Indianapolis Children
Colorful and quirky wedding and engagement photos at the Indy Kids Museum and downtown Bloomington.
Cute heel-clicking couple at Brown County State Park.
Fun bride and groom at Dull
Colorful, architectural, outdoor engagement and wedding portraits
Fun double exposure photo during ceremony at Santcuary on Penn
Travel photography, fun cityscape of Seattle, Washington.


cutest puppy in the world, butterfly on thistle, and polar bear, all photographed at weddings!
Dogs in engagement photos, dogs in wedding photos. Go dogs!
Funny animals photobombing weddings, cute dog, little frog, and stretchy cat!
Dinosaur bones and mini poodles! Funny animals in portraits.


Cute little kiddo wandering around during ceremony at Indianapolis wedding.
1 year old birthday shoot and attack of the sunglasses!
Cute, smiley kiddos making funny faces!
Cute kid on the dance floor and sweet cousins photo at a family photo shoot.
Chubby little babies with hair bows! Cute pics from family sessions.
Adorable three year old twins photoshoot in Bloomington, Indiana
Cute little boy wedding guests, relaxing, jumping, and trying on tutus!
Funny little guy giving the stink eye at a beautiful Leesburg winery wedding!


Big laughs on the dance floor at a beautiful Indianapolis wedding!
Dramatic black and white first dance photography at an Indiana barn wedding
Funny first dance pic and groom doing tie limbo on wild dance floor!
Gorgeous, dramatic, first dance photo with blue lighting.
Cute kid in conga line and hilarious dancer at super fun weddings
Epic father of the bride air guitar-ing at Northern Indiana wedding
Super funny and fun dance floor moments at weddings by TALL + small Photography
Perfectly timed bouquet toss by TALL + small Photography!
Happy, smiley, conga line photo by TALL + small Photography
Twirly dress first dance photo with lanterns at The Mavris in Indy.


Gorgeous headshot of an Indiana University opera singer by TALL + small Photography
Colorful, funny, and fun promo pics of Bloomington band, Thee Tsunamis by TALL + small Photography
Funny portraits of comedian, Pete Holmes by TALL + small Photography
Bright, colorful, and fun promotional photos for Bloomington band, The Vallures
Promotional photos and headshots of IU pianist and guitarist Jerry Miller
Portraits of comedians in Limestone Comedy Festival 2013 by TALL + small Photography
Clean, crisp, modern headshots in Bloomington, Indiana by TALL + small Photography
Portraits/headshots of comedians and Bloomington, Indiana locals by TALL + small Photography
Portraits and promotional photos of local Bloomington groups and IU music students
Crisp, colorful, fresh headshots in Bloomington, Indiana portrait studio by TALL + small Photo
Bloomington, Indiana pin-up, glamorous portraits by TALL + small Photography
Glam studio head shot portraits in Indiana by TALL + small Photography
Glamorous, boudoir, fashion photography in Indiana by TALL + small Photography
Dramatic, edgy, band promo of Thee Tsunamis in Bloomington, IN by TALL + small Photography


Sweet, snuggly couples at engagement session and wedding photography in Indiana
Awesome wedding portrait in classic car with motorcycle photobomb in Indiana
Hilarious portrait of bride and groom with popsicles and little boy with lemonade at IN wedding
funny photobomb of wedding couple by dude on carousel at Indiana wedding
Cuddly couples at engagement session by Indiana photographers, TALL + small Photography
Very funny portrait of bride and groom at apple orchard wedding and best monogram ever in jacket!
Great reaction shots from groom
Hilarious groom portrait with Darth Vader and bride with Frankenberry at Louisville comic con.
Sweet, romantic, portraits of bride and groom at end of wedding night by TALL + small Photography
Portrait of wedding guests with Herman B. Wells statue on IU campus by TALL + small Photography
Hilarious engagement photos with ventriloquist dummy at Bloomington Antique Mall


Sneaky proposal photo on Indiana University by engagerazzi TALL + small Photography
Romantic, beautiful, dramatic wedding portrait at golf course in Indianapolis, IN
Dramatic, romantic, backlit portraits of engagements and weddings by TALL + small Photography
First dance under the stars at West Baden Hotel in Indiana by TALL + small Photography
Dramatic sunset wedding portrait with geese, outside NYC by TALL + small Photography!
Gorgeous first dance photo in beautifully lit barn at Indiana wedding by TALL + small Photo
Fog in photos! In an alley and on the dance floor, by TALL + small Photography
Beautiful night photo of bride and groom at Shrine Mont at Virginia wedding
Fun bride and groom portraits at Indiana barn wedding and Indianapolis Children
romantic, downtown Indianapolis engagement photos with city skyline by TALL + small Photo
Romantic, sunny, cuddly outdoor photos at Bloomington engagement and Brown Co. wedding
Fun, colorful light painting with bride and groom in orchard by TALL + small Photography
Colorful, beautiful sunset at Leesburg, VA winery wedding by TALL + small Photography
Engagement pics backstage at theater on IU campus by TALL + small Photography
Beautiful coastal wedding photos in North Carolina by TALL + small Photography
Dramatic, cloudy, windy, wedding day portrait with umbrellas by TALL + small Photography
Colorful, creative reflection silhouette at Louisville, KY wedding

If you’re still needing more smile-time, check out our favorite photobooth moments.

And, here are our 2012, 2011, and 2010 year-wraps! Thanks dude/ttes!

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david childers - Wonderful colors throughout. The cleanliness really helps your use of color stand out, fantastic body of work!

Jared Tseng - That light-painting shot!

Sabrina Kolotylo - Love the black and white photograph looking down of the bride and groom dancing through the string lights. Beautiful.

Michael Wachniak - haha so many rad images here I don’t even know where to start! nice set!

Mandy - You guys are so talented! But I have to be honest, your wedding stuff is unreal! Definitely my favorite “grouping” you had! :) But all of it is amazeballs.

John Bello - Beautiful year of images! I love the variety of your lighting choices – great work!

Elissa - What an awesome year for you! You did so much, it seems, and it’s all fantastic! The dancing shots are my favorites :)

Sachin Khona - Unreal year guys! All the best for 2014!

Kellee Walsh - Every time I thought I had a favourite, you blew my mind again and again!!! So many incredible images. All the best for 2014 :)

Becca Dilley - Bright, colorful, happy, energetic! What a stunning set to explain who you are as photographers!

Corlis Gray - Gorgeous! All of your images are so sharp and vibrant! Love you use of negative space!

Joseph Hall - What a fab varied year. A great collection of photos – all the best for 2014.

Megan + Will | Wedding | Crozet, VA

Megan + Will, whose engagement session got all historical, got married in a splendid winter fashion at the lovely King Family Vineyards outside of Charlottesville, VA! Megan had a lovely dress as well as her hair/make-up. Foodflowers, cupcakes, donuts, limos, planning, and officiating were all wonderful, as well! Special music by The Whiskey Rebellion accented the day! While it was snowy and cold, they seemed to have timed it well as it was a beautiful day! Their friends and family were very fun and got silly in the photobooth! They can see more from the photobooth and wedding in the client gallery. Megan + Will, who have a cooking blog, are off to fun adventures and we wish them the best! Congrats!

Beautiful views and wine barrels at King Family Vineyard wedding in Crozet, VA
Cute, winter, first look at King Family Vineyard January wedding
Snowy bride and groom portraits at King Family Vineyard January wedding
Beautiful indoor wedding ceremony at King Family Vineyard
Cute, fun, Virginia wedding details with cardinals, cupcakes and spice signs.
Fun country bluegrass band and dancing at King Family Vineyard winter wedding
Beautiful black and white barn silhouette with bride and groom at King Family Vineyard
Very sweet groom and friends singing to bride at King Family Vineyard winter wedding
Gorgeous, fun, winter, outdoor bride and groom portraits at King Family Vineyards
Hilarious moment of dude diving for garter at King Family Vineyard winter wedding
Fun dancing and singalong at King Family Vineyard winter wedding
Brr! Chilly outdoor winter wedding portraits at King Family Vineyard in Crozet, VA
Cute, cuddly moments at Megan and Will
Fun, nighttime wedding exit with glow sticks at King Family Vineyard winter wedding
Dramatic, starry night, light painting portrait of bride and groom at King Family Vineyard winter wedding

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Megan T. - You guys are the BEST! Thank you so much for capturing all the love and laughter on our wedding day. We could not have asked for better people to work with and catch our special moments. You are well loved by us and our guests and we can only hope to work with you again in the future!

Jennifer Grady Price - Love the pictures. Wish I could’ve been there.

Joseph Hall - Love the silouette shot – fab photos.

Tim May - Love the wedding shoes (boots) in the snow at the start. Lovely.

Stacy Squires - Beautiful photos

Heather - Amazing. I love those photobooth images. Looks like a wild crowd!

damian burcher - Looks like great fun.

caroline - the black and white silhouette portrait of the two of them needs to be blown up and hung up somewhere. that shot is epic.

/mariahedengren - I like the light painting image at the end! Her dress also looks fabulous in that shot.

Lyn Ismael-Bennett - Last shot is money!

Sachin Khona - That BW silhouette of them at the start .. quality!

Heather Elizabeth - That last frame!! Ahh it makes my heart so happy. So good.

Janet Palmer - Oh they’re so cute :D
love the snow boots

PJ - I need to learn that light thing! ;) amazing covrage!

Albert Palmer - Love that image in the doorway particularly – stunning work Tall and Small!

Jessica - That wedding looks like so much fun! You did a great job of showing it in a joyful way!

Joanna - What a fun wedding! You’ve captured their day perfectly. I really love that last shot too! What a lucky couple.

Heather Kanillopoolos - Haha, I LOVE all that dance floor goodness!

Diane + Tom | Wedding | New York, NY

Diane + Tom, whose awesome fencing-themed engagement session was in Bloomington, got married near the big city of New York (in a smaller city called New Rochelle)! Their event was at the Glen Island Harbour Club on a rather mild day right before the polar vortex hit! There were lovely flowers from Arcadia and great music and entertainment from the Skyline Drive Orchestra. We had a wonderful time meeting their lovely friends and family who can check out more in the client gallery! We were glad to be a part of this one! Congrats, you two!


Facebook Instagram Twitter Contact HomeMike + Erin

Joseph Hall - The last shot is spectacular….wow. And I love the cat shot!

Sarah - Great work, I love the dancing shots!

Matt - that final shot is stunning

Damian Burcher - Wow that last shot, perfect. How long did it take to train those geese?

Heather Elizabeth - UGH that last photo is just to die for. So creative with the light back there. Damn good work.

seth goodman - I have to agree that last shot with the sunset and birds is perfect! I also really the photo with the guys dancing. Great work!

Lyn Ismael-Bennett - That last shot is money!

Caryn Canatella - Looks like everyone had such an amazing time! Love the dancing shots. And OF COURSE that last shot is absolutely stunning!!

Isabelle - Wow, this whole post is amazing, love that the colors are so consistent and that last one is beyond words gorgeous.

/mariahedengren - I like the bride’s dress, looks gorgeous on her!

Jessie - That last shot is mind blowing, jaw dropping amazing! Beautiful wedding!

rahul - Beautiful wedding…the last frame is epic!

Heather Kanillopoolos - LOVE the juxtaposition of the bride and the groom getting ready. Awesome work!

2013 Photobooth Awards!

In another year of photoboothing that saw excellence in categories such as 1) Putting Your Hand In Front Of The Camera, 2) Pretend Fighting, and 3) Prom Posing, here are the best of the best. Check out last year’s BEST, as well! Well done, weirdos! First, some Honorable Mentions:

HM: Best Framing

hilarious and cute little boy in photobooth at Indianapolis, Indiana wedding

HM: Worst News

Very funny photobooth photo of chicken doctor at Indianapolis Indiana wedding

HM. Most People In The Booth (23!?)

Very crowded and fun photobooth photo from Virginia wedding

HM. Quickest Emotional Roller Coaster

Very funny photobooth photograph with chalkboards and gray background at Indiana wedding

And now, the best of the best!

10. Best Fart Princess

Very silly photobooth pic of dude in tiara with funny chalkboard sign at Indiana wedding

9. Best Lamp Shade On Head. It’s Happening!

Hilarious photobooth pic of bride with lampshade on her head and geometric paper garland background

8. Second Happiest Dude

Tall + small Photobooth photo of very happy dude getting kisses at Indiana wedding

7. First Happiest Dude

Cute photobooth photo of happy boy getting kisses and cupcakes! At wedding in Richmond, Virginia.

6. Best Brothers’ Portrait

Hilarious photobooth photo of four dudes blinking at Indianapolis Indiana wedding

5. Most Mysterious Canadian American

Very funny photobooth photo of shirtless guy with Canadian tie at Virginia wedding

4. Strongest Man Alive

Strongman lifting two guys in photobooth photo at Bloomington, Indiana wedding

3. Creepiest Photobomb

Very creepy photobomb photobooth photo at Richmond Virginia wedding

2. Best Coffee-Creamer-To-The-Dome

Hilarious, silly, wacky photobooth photo of dude getting creamer poured on his head at Louisville, KY wedding

1. Coolest Dude Ever

Very cute boy with funny props in photobooth at Indianapolis, IN wedding

Great job to all involved. Remember Last Year’s?

Facebook Instagram Twitter Contact HomeMike + Erin

Tim May - That is almost certainly the most creative set of Photo Booth photos I have ever seen! Love them.

2013 Favs - Indianapolis Wedding Photographers | Tall + Small Photography - […] Here are some of our favorite memories of the year. For our favorite photobooth moments, click HERE! There […]