Jill + Bill | Engagement | Bloomington, IN

Our job gives us the sweet opportunity to meet and hang out with folks like Jill and Bill. Both are creative academics with great senses of humor and lots of love for their dog. Usually, we find it to be our job to help couples feel relaxed when in front of the camera, but Jill and Bill (whose celebrity couple name would be either “Jill” or “Bill”, btw), kept us rolling the entire time. We’re anxiously awaiting their wedding this summer and are particularly looking forward to all the elements in it that will make it just like them. Oh yeah, you can check out Bill’s early music ensemble here and family and friends can check out the rest of this set in the client gallery under portraits. Enjoy!



The first image is my favorite.. I’m probably biased because I love when pets make an appearance in a portrait session! Absolutely fantastic!

Sally Watts

Oh wow-how cool is that last shot?
I love the first two (in their house, I’m assuming?) too. I love photos of couples in their own space.
Great job!


Super cute. I love it when engagements are done in the couple’s home; it brings a whole ‘nother level of story to the photos!


So good! That first shot is stellar, as is the last… i think highly of that b/w hangar shot as well. sharp as always!


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