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Mel + Charles | Engagement | Bloomington, IN

We had suspicions that Mel + Charles would be fun to work with and those suspicions were confirmed immediately upon arriving at their home. It was there where they showed us a very hilarious old-timey photo of the two of them. The details are blurry but let’s just say the image certainly contained shotguns and Charles wearing only his underwear. The first shots you see below are not from some rad Bloomington park. Nope. This is their backyard. Awesome. They both are very outdoorsy and love camping and letting their dog run around (which it is wont to do). Oh, by the way, this session just happened. It’s not from an old, end-of-summer-in-Bloomington day. This was in January! The unseasonably warm weather had us feeling great but we were even more excited when Mel told us they wanted pics with her El Camino. The perfect car/truck. Utility and beauty combined. Later, we popped over to Bloomington Antique Mall and took some pics in Mel’s friend’s shop: A-Z Vintage . (BTW locals, some pretty great deals on sweet vintage hats and pearl button shirts there!). Then, as with many nights for these two, they ended up at their favorite Bloomington bar, Atlas, where we really got to see them in their element. Their summer, picnic-style Louisville wedding has us hungry and happy already. Congrats Mel + Charles!

Relaxed outdoor Indiana engagement photo
Fun Bloomington outdoor engagement photography
Bloomington engagement photography with dog
Funny dog engagement photography
Romantic El Camino engagement photo
Funny owl lamp engagement photo
Bloomington Antique Mall engagement photo
Quirky Engagement photos at Atlas Bar
Sweet engagement photo at Bloomington Atlas Bar

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Caroline - Some backyard they have! Love that light. The dog is adorable. That antique shop is divine. Nice work!

Nick - I freakin’ love the el camino! great session!

sam hurd - haha.. owl shot is definitely my favorite :)

Alex Singh - Sweet ride and sweet pics!

heather nan - Yes, the dog and the El Camino equal a super dope session… awesome couple, wonderful images!

ALMA - Love the frame of them in the car with the lines reflection.

Anne Marie Carson - These are awesome! I love how colorful the images are… the shot with the christmas lights is super-sweet.

Toni - AMAZING photos! Loved every one and Charlie looked especially handsome.

Heather - Oh that last one! PERFECTION!!

Shella - These are beautiful. Especially love the one of them in the mirror! <3

Kat Braman - looooove that first shot! such a cute session.

Lyn Ismael-Bennett - What a fun, quirky session! That dog is just adorable too. Well done!

Lisa Novakowski - So great! Especially the first and last photos… they look like a fun couple! I don’t know them at all, but I feel like I have a pretty good idea how fun and spontaneous they must be!

Heather J. - I want nothing more than a portrait of my dog that looks like that second doggy shot there. I’m going to be spending the next month trying to capture one (maybe if I rub bacon on my lens?). Anyways… GREAT STUFF.

kristi wright - Love the dog in the session! Such a cute/fun couple. The lighting in the second image (on right) is yummy!!

Kim - Aww. The smooch inside the El Camino is my favorite. That’s pure bliss on his face!

Teresa K - El Camino FTW!! I’m so loving this session!!

Ric Latham - Oh, I love these! Beautiful colors!

Ania - Last one is the best! Really beautiful shot :)

François Hogue - nice work. beautiful pictures. love the one with the dog in foreground. that’s so cool! :-)

Paul - Mel + Charles look such a fun couple – Great photos!

Eric Rudd - GREAT shots, guys!

Derek Martinez - Awesome session and couple!

mike - A friend sent us toward the portrait of the dog with the words, “you’ll like this.”

She was right. : D

2011 Favs

2011 was sweet. A sincere thanks to all of the people we’ve photographed and met as well as our friends, fams, and fans. We are so happy to know you.

There were adorable couples:

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emotional wedding pictures indiana
beautiful and colorful indiana engagement photography
striking minimalist and modern wedding photography

Awesome kiddos:

beautiful and fun wedding photojournalism
breathtaking family portraiture indiana
hilarious kids at weddings
quirky and colorful family photography

The occasional animal guest:

funny animals at weddings and engagement photography

Fun adults:

creative wedding prep shots
storytelling wedding images
fun groomsmen portraits
striking wedding portraits virginia
clever ring shots wedding photography
colorful wedding photos bloomington
wedding details

Awesome locations:

awesome colorful urban engagement photos
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colorful creative modern indiana university engagement photography
sweet wedding location story inn
minimalist wedding and engagement photos
honky tonk wedding photography
elegant and colorful wedding photography
beautiful sun flare engagement photo

Things that made us smile:

hilarious wedding moments
awesome quirky bouquet toss photograph
funny wedding moments
clever engagement photojournalism
funny wedding and engagement photos
awesome promo photography music bloomington indiana
creative wedding photojournalism toasts

Things that made us boogie:

funny wedding dance moments
great wedding band bloomington indianapolis the vallures

And reasons we love this gig:

beautiful and striking silhouette engagement photo
beautiful and colorful fall silhouette engagement photo
sunset engagement photo
moody and creative lighting nighttime engagement photo
colorful breathtaking fun creative minimalist engagement photo harrisonburg virginia

Thanks again, friends. See you in 2012!

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andy stenz - wow – it’s been a brilliant year for you guys! and that parting shot – stellar and just unbelievably gorgeous!

Annabelle - Some serious stunning images here! Love the first b&w. Keep up the great work!

Jimmy - Amazing collection of images. I love your composition and timing!

Emily - This is a really awesome, well put together set of fun and beautiful photos!

Luis Godinez - 2011 was very nice!! Here’s to another great year in 2012. :)

Mary Sylvia - That first photo! I mean there are a tonne of amazing ones here, but that first one!

Anne - Great way to end the year and begin another, really wonderful images… the last one is super-awesome.

Heather - Wow these are ALL incredible! I really love the last one though.

Sachin Khona - Mike & Erin, I love the way you have grouped these all together… you guys are amazing at capturing moments..
Beautiful work!

Anton Chia - What a smashing great year of great wedding journalism and great portraits of love! Two thumbs up for Tall And Small!

ed peers - Wow, an awesome year… Great job and Merry Christmas!

Alex Taylor - Quirky is the word! Love the “story” pic, infact love them all!

Johanna - So much love and beautiful moments. You’ve had one stunning year :)

Joshua Gull - You guys do such good work. The first and last reason you love this gig blew me away though. Wow!

Leo - What an amazing year! Love all of them, but really? #1 and #5? Incredible.

/mariahedengren - Awesome the way you “wrote” this post. Great work, guys! Epic year! All the best for 2012!

Sam - Love this so much. You did such a killer job in 2011, I cannot wait to see what 2012 brings you.

Nessa Kessinger - 2011 – the year of satisfied customers. :) Seriously – these are all brilliant. I can’t wait to see what you do in 2012!

Three Little Weddings | Bloomington, IN

We have had an extremely fun year getting to be a part of such a wide variety of weddings. Take a peek HERE to see some of those. Planning weddings involve lots of external pressures. The wedding industry, family members, friends, and media like to throw out a lot of “shoulds” when it comes to having a wedding. You should wear this. Eat this. Take pictures of this. Invite these specific people. This can become overwhelming and for good reason. While we’re fans of traditional, big, party-time, and all-day weddings, we’re equally fans of small, intimate, and brief ceremonies and elopements. We’re the biggest fans of couples who sit back and think through what’s most important to them, first, and then work out the particulars. We like coming in at this point and helping to document what it is they want, and keeping our eyes open for those little things that otherwise would go unseen. The end of the year has brought us the opportunity to document several small ceremonies. Here are a few sneak peeks from some recent Bloomington ceremonies. The first took us back to Beck Chapel where we’ve been a few times this year, each unique. Next, to the county courthouse, where we broke our record of fewest people at a ceremony with a total of six including the officiant’s young daughter and us. Finally, to a home on Thanksgiving day where we were offered lots of food and drink and had to sadly refuse it so as not to spoil our own huge meal (Tall baked five pies). Sincere congrats to all of you.

Emily + Adrian | Beck Chapel

Cute kid during wedding ceremony
Cute moment at IU wedding with heart-shaped tree

Jeff + Lisa | County Courthouse

Courthouse wedding

Abstract Wedding Portrait in Bloomington IN

Jeremy + McKenzie | Their Home

Small wedding in home

Lovebird Tattoo

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Becca Dilley - I love small weddings – lots of opportunity for quiet moments like these.