Stacey + Jake | Engagement | Bloomington, IN

How’s this for a quick engagement session!? Stacey and Jake are both IU track alum where Jake is currently a coach. They were great sports during this shoot. We don’t think they’re going to hyphenate their names but the dash would suit them. Ok, ok, ok, enough with the terrible puns. Congrats Jake and Stacey!

Indiana University Wedding Photography



I love how you took something unique to them and made interesting and beautiful photos. I’m inspired to try new locations.

Brian Kraft

Those are awesome! My wife would have killed me for using such puns. I’m glad you’re getting away with it! 🙂


Love the look they’re giving each other on the starting line! Ah, puns. Love ’em…and hate ’em.

Joshua Gull

You guys have crazy skills. Love the shot of them at the starting line mean mugging each other. LOL This session looks like too much fun. Great job.

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