TALL+small’s Photobooth!

Well folks, here it is. The raddest, baddest photobooth around! We call it “TALL+small’s Photobooth Extraordinare.” All you need to know is that it is magical and makes hilarious memories. Not a standard “booth,” our box is super portable and needs no power supply (remember: magic!). While we can provide a backdrop, we usually prefer to use a wall that’s at the location to give the memories a little local flavor. We don’t print on-site because that slows things down…and photobooths are made for taking LOTS of pics! User-driven by a foot pedal, the booth snaps a high-quality pic and immediately shows the guests on a screen (magic!). Clients will get all the files and guests get a free download! Clients can also get a slick Photobooth Book: a yearbook-style collection of all the pics. Here it is!

Bloomington Indianapolis Wedding Photobooth

And here is the back and the booth in action!

TALL+Small's Photo BOOTHAnd results from the booth in action:

Lots of laughs! Or, as they say on the internets: LOLs!

Wedding and Event Photobooth Collage Bloomington Indiana

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