Walter and Nichol! | Baby and Promos | Vincennes, IN

Walter is one! You might remember him at 2 weeks, 4 months, and 8 months. He’s trimming down a bit now that he’s running wildly all over the place. Here are some snaps which conclude his first-year documentary. This was an extra special shoot because we took some promos for Walter’s mommy who is being featured in a book about handmade dolls for her unbelievably cool work. You can see more of her dolls and buy them at Pink Cheeks Studios. Enjoy! Wedding season starts this week for us! Yay!


Nessa K

I typically will not comment on baby’s wardrobes, but how fantastic is that shirt? And those dolls rock. I just went through the website and they’re all so good. =)


Absolutely wonderful. So much color, charm, quirkiness and personality in these images. I love this set and LOVE those dolls.

Paul Rowland

I really like how you incorporated the fisheye lens to accentuate some of the whimsical goodness that comes with having baby toys everywhere. Awesome stuff.


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