2012 Photobooth Awards!

In a year that saw excellence and achievement in photobooth categories such as “Pregnant Belly Touching,” “Charlie’s Angel-ing,” and “Nudity”, these ten stood out as the best in their class.

10. Best Moose Imitation

Very cute and funny kid in Indiana wedding photo booth

9. Best Planking

Sweet planking photo at Indianapolis wedding photobooth

8. Best “Matban”

Comical and silly photobooth photo of Batman from party at Upland Brewery

7. Best Officiant/Wedding Couple Group Picture
hilarious of bridal couple and officiant photobooth picture at Louisville wedding

6. Best TALL+small/Wedding Couple Group Picture
Fun and bright colors in photobooth at creative and unique wedding

5. Best Band Photo (Three-Way Tie!): Rodeo Ruby Love, Cabin, The ValluresSweet local band photos in Bloomington, Indiana photobooth

4. Best Future Don JuanReally hilarious photo of funny kiddo in photobooth with streamers and horseshoes

3. Worst Predictionfunny props in Bloomington, Indiana photobooth photos

2. Best Cupcake-to-the-EyeballFunny couple in Indianapolis photobooth pic with smashed cupcake

1. Best in Showtotally awesome action shot of amazing dude jumping in photobooth in Indy


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