2013 Photobooth Awards!

In another year of photoboothing that saw excellence in categories such as 1) Putting Your Hand In Front Of The Camera, 2) Pretend Fighting, and 3) Prom Posing, here are the best of the best. Check out last year’s BEST, as well! Well done, weirdos! First, some Honorable Mentions:

HM: Best Framinghilarious and cute little boy in photobooth at Indianapolis, Indiana wedding

HM: Worst NewsVery funny photobooth photo of chicken doctor at Indianapolis Indiana wedding

HM. Most People In The Booth (23!?)Very crowded and fun photobooth photo from Virginia wedding

HM. Quickest Emotional Roller CoasterVery funny photobooth photograph with chalkboards and gray background at Indiana wedding

And now, the best of the best!

10. Best Fart Princess

Very silly photobooth pic of dude in tiara with funny chalkboard sign at Indiana wedding

9. Best Lamp Shade On Head. It’s Happening!Hilarious photobooth pic of bride with lampshade on her head and geometric paper garland background

8. Second Happiest Dude
Tall + small Photobooth photo of very happy dude getting kisses at Indiana wedding

7. First Happiest DudeCute photobooth photo of happy boy getting kisses and cupcakes! At wedding in Richmond, Virginia.

6. Best Brothers’ PortraitHilarious photobooth photo of four dudes blinking at Indianapolis Indiana wedding

5. Most Mysterious Canadian AmericanVery funny photobooth photo of shirtless guy with Canadian tie at Virginia wedding

4. Strongest Man AliveStrongman lifting two guys in photobooth photo at Bloomington, Indiana wedding

3. Creepiest PhotobombVery creepy photobomb photobooth photo at Richmond Virginia wedding

2. Best Coffee-Creamer-To-The-DomeHilarious, silly, wacky photobooth photo of dude getting creamer poured on his head at Louisville, KY wedding

1. Coolest Dude EverVery cute boy with funny props in photobooth at Indianapolis, IN wedding

Great job to all involved. Remember Last Year’s?


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