2014 Photobooth Awards!

Yet another great year in the booth! On to the awards!

But first…a word of warning for next year: please ask permission before licking someone’s face. It never ends well.

10. Best Guiding Principal of the Annual Photobooth Awards

9. Best Posing (And Best Sponsorship of the Photobooth by the Movie Vampire Academy)Photobooth-Awards-2014-3

8. Most Likely To Be A Future Artistic DirectorPhotobooth-Awards-2014-4

7. Youngest!Photobooth-Awards-2014-5

6. Best Use of Organic Materials as a PropPhotobooth-Awards-2014-6

5. Tie: Coolest Dudes / Coolest FamilyPhotobooth-Awards-2014-7

4. Biggest Creeper AlertPhotobooth-Awards-2014-8

3. Least-Scary TigerPhotobooth-Awards-2014-9

2. Bluest TonguePhotobooth-Awards-2014-10

1. Best in ShowPhotobooth-Awards-2014-11

Looking forward to everyone bringing their A-game next year! For previous year awards, start HERE!

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