Caitlin + Tony | Wedding Rehearsal | Fredericksburg, VA

This weekend, Erin was a bridesmaid in Caitlin and Tony’s wedding at the historic St. George’s Episcopal Church in Fredericksburg, Virginia (George Washington’s stomping grounds). ¬†Caitlin asked if I’d shoot the rehearsal and dinner for them which I was glad to do! It was a fantastic wedding and you will be able to see the actual wedding photos from Seth and Emily soon!


Sue Kell

Your pictures are outstanding! Wow, Caitlin and Tony will have photos as spectacular as the wedding and festivities! Thank you SO much!

Georgeanne J. Ingram

Sorry, for this dribble, but Sue you look like your mother.
Your daughter is gorgeous for one, and her groom-to-be is a cutey.
Two, your photography is magnificent!

Thomas Lester

Nice. Rehearsals are so much fun. Sometimes I wish you could just do a rehearsal and then at the end surprise the couple with it being a wedding. Like “Surprise… you are married!” Everyone is so relaxed and have a good time. Great images!


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