Beauty | Boudoir | Pin-Up | Fashion | Glam!


If you’re looking to boost your self-confidence, add to your modeling portfolio, or gift a sexy present to your significant other, some fancy, body-positive, and glamorous pics are in order! There’s a wide variety of names and styles for these types of shoots: fashion, boudoir, pin-up, glamour, etc. But, ultimately, we just call them you-being-you-and-looking-awesome shoots! We’ve got a questionnaire you can fill out to let us know if you’re going for something fashion-y for a headshot, something fun and silly, or something sexy and sultry in your skimpies!

Where At?

Areas near Harrisonburg, VA, Bloomington, IN, and elsewhere on request! These can be done with a studio-feel or in rooms at your place, etc. Lots of possibilities!


Rates are $500 for nearby locations. Shoots last up to 2 hours and you’ll receive all of the super high-quality, well-edited files for your private use. We don’t post these online unless we’ve received specific permission.