Josh + Mika | Wedding | Bloomington, IN

One equation: 1 Mathematician + 1 Artist + 2 Families + Many Friends + Love = One Amazing Wedding.

Numerous people: With great assistance from staff at St. Charles Catholic Church and the Tudor Room at the Indiana University Memorial Union, family and friends, and flowers from the bloomington farmer’s market, this wedding screamed Josh and Mika from start to finish. From the colorful and occasionally handmade bridesmaid dresses to the math problems whose answers provided guests’ with their seating arrangements to the activity fun books for guests to the rehearsed flash mob dances to the moustache-filled photobooth, this wedding was filled with colors, numbers, and love!

Divided by nothing: This wedding was an amazing celebration, and falling on Loving Day, reminded us all that true love knows no bounds.

Two photographers: Just a tiny fraction of this equation, we did our best to document this day so that the memories of it will extend far into the future of this relationship.  Here are some of our favorite moments.  Click on the slideshow at the end for plenty more pictures and guests can visit the client gallery for the entire set.  Finally, if you like what you see, leave a comment, like it, and send it to friends!

And for those of you who still want more, here’s a longer slideshow.  Don’t forget, guests can also see the entire set in the client’s area.



That shot of them hugging just after they’ve walked down the aisle is so emotional. Great job!

Albert Palmer

You have a really unique style of photography. I’m not sure if it is just the style or processing but I like it! You have yourself a new subscriber!

Thomas Lester

Amazing! Great work. I love the mirror shot. Very good eye on that one! I love the Bride’s dress, too. It’s nice to see something a little different.


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