Prints and Mounts!

Photography in the digital age is super exciting. The possibilities for sending pictures across the globe quickly and easily are quite amazing. But for wedding photos, specifically, there’s still something about having a great print that you can hang on your wall or put on your shelf. Wethinks one of the most important days in your life deserves a bit of wall space, even if you are a minimalist! That said, we’re really excited to offer some pretty unique print mounts. As we are trying to be as green and responsible as possible with any physical products we offer, we’ve run across these great mounts made from either sustainable maple or bamboo. While the classic canvas wraps look good and have a cool texture, we definitely prefer an actual photo print and a more unique way of displaying it. Take a peek!

First, to give you a glimpse at the size: our example prints are 8 x 12 but we’ll be offering a variety of sizes.

These prints look radical on shelves and bookcases.

They also look awesome hung on the wall. They come made with keyholes ready for super-easy hanging.

Here you can see the width and differences between the maple and bamboo.  In the photo above, the bamboo is on the left and below, it is on the right. The bamboo is a little bit wider and darker and is also heavier than the maple. We think they both look great! We custom order these and affix and cut the prints ourselves so that they are perfectly flush on all of the edges.

Pretty rad, huh?