Dan + Lauren | Wedding | Wintergreen, VA

Dan and Lauren are mathematician/scientist super geniuses who are also super crazy about each other. They also had an insanely fun and laid-back wedding that was deeply personal, fun, and quite moving (small teared up in the ceremony: this almost never happens). Their favorite getaway, Wintergreen Resort, was the setting for their wedding. While we enjoy Bloomington and all of its diversity, topographical diversity it does not have. Enter Wintergreen: ten degrees cooler than at the base and miles of visible mountains. Awesome. We loved Dan and Lauren’s DIY mentality. Lauren and the ladies did one another’s hair and makeup while Dan and the dudes helped one another become properly lubricated. Dan’s sister, Rachel, officiated the ceremony and beautifully jam-packed lots of laughs and tears into a matter of a minutes all the while overlooking the Blue Ridge Mountains. The party shuttled down to the hotel patio where guests ate tasty desserts prepared by their friend, Sam. Meanwhile, their buddy, J.D., pumped the jams and we took incriminating photos of what resulted (totally kidding, their guests took those photos). Special note: Dan and Lauren were guests at a wedding we shot and, in this post, you can see just how close grooms of TALL + small can get! Lots more happiness in the form of digital images is available for friends and family in the client gallery. The very best to Dan and Lauren. Congrats!

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Heather J.

There are so many neat and unique perspectives on some of these shots. I love it. Also, the groom as she comes down the aisle is too sweet.


Awesome job! I love the way you see each moment and its details from the other side of your camera. It shows so much of who you are! I’m in awe!


You are so excellent at capturing those funky, genuine moments and details that make us excited to look through photographs of people we don’t know. Although I haven’t met this couple, I feel like I know them a little from your work- and that is a beautiful thing.

…Also… I love how you displayed the folk taking photographs at the wedding. XD Awesome.

Nate Gibson

if they haven’t already, those groomsmen should start a band… they’ve already got a killer promo that would land them some sweet gigs! great photos throughout, again!


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