Marcie + Joe | Wedding | Bloomington, IN

We continue our streak of genius clients with Marcie + Joe! Marcie, a teacher, and Joe, a PhD student at MIT, are high school sweethearts just like TALL+small! They started dating in Bloomington eight years ago, moved off to Beantown after attending IU, and decided to come back to Bloomington to get married. They had a very sweet wedding at Beck Chapel on Indiana University’s campus followed by dinner, drinks, and laughs at the Federal Room in the Indiana Memorial Union. Beautiful flowers from White Orchid accented the day, friends gave incredibly moving speeches at the dinner, and Tall got to chat guitars with the father of the bride: always fun! Family + friends can set the rest in the client gallery. Best wishes, Marcie + Joe!


ryan chan

I like the use of a off-camera lighting in that last one. Creates a nice array on the ground and gives good seperation from the background.


All the shoots are stunning especially the lat one with all the lights off and focus on the two…loved it


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